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Mon Jan 11 22:57:48 CET 2021

I have forwarded this valuable information to you, and I hope it is not too
I understand that a programmer likes to play with the code and do wonders,
but you should consider that a video application is focused on people who
are NOT computer scientists and that their knowledge is very basic. And
these options "cheat" rather than facilitate the work they make it
difficult. The audiovisual technicians must be given the simple tools. I do
not know of any application that I work with in my audiovisual professional
field that has the ability to step on a backup by user interaction.
To justify this I would tell you an anecdote that happened during the
production of "Finding Nemo" by Andrew Stanton at Pixar. But I think I bore
you with my long writings and I don't see an initiative to correct these
"traps" that Cinelerra contains. Rather the opposite, a strong attitude in
maintaining them.
Perhaps it could be done as in Kdenlive, Adobe etc.., which after a sudden
shutdown at the next start gives the option to recover the file that was
being worked with. But I usually go to practicality and if something is not
useful I eliminate it, I think that eliminating these options (also the
batch render option) is easier than making special menus for them or what I
just mentioned from kdenlive, which is usually what What applications do
after a sudden shutdown.
Anyway, thank you very much for the information, I know that some time ago
you mentioned this about the backup, but I did not remember very well what
it was like, and this user I suppose that when he wrote to me he would have
already done tests that they will have overwritten this .prev file
Greetings Phyllis.

El lun, 11 ene 2021 a las 21:56, Phyllis Smith via Cin (<
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>) escribió:

> RafaMar:
>> gave the option "Save backup" instead of "Load backup" and the poor man
>> was desperate wondering if there was any way to get his work back,
> from the Manual, section 4.4.3:
> *"There is still 1 more backup that may save you. If for some reason you
> forgot to use Load backup immediately when restarting or you did a Load
> with Replace current project in your current session, you have a second
> chance to use File → Load and select $HOME/.bcast5/backup.prev as long as
> you only loaded a different file and have performed no editing operations."*
> I just tested this to verify that it works as stated.
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