[Cin] Debate on batch render

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Tue Jan 12 20:14:43 CET 2021

Andrea Paz, I admire people who speak clearly and say what they think. It
never offends me that someone disagrees with me. I always start from the
assumption that I can be the one who can be totally wrong. The only thing I
@Phyllis, I need help, How do you compile a Cinelerra GG .tgz? I have tried
and it does not work for me, from the first line it gives me errors.

<code terminal>
rafa at rafa-pc:~/cinelerra-5.1$ ./autogen.sh
+ rm -f global_config configure Makefile Makefile.in
+ rm -f aclocal.m4 depcomp compile install-sh ltmain.sh
+ rm -f config.log config.guess config.h config.h.in config.sub
config.status missing
+ rm -rf autom4te.cache m4
+ '[' '' = clean ']'
+ mkdir m4
+ autoreconf --install
./autogen.sh: línea 11: autoreconf: Command not found
Let me explain, I asked a friend who is a programmer for help, I sent him
the batchrender.C file so that he could cancel the two mentioned buttons.
He forwarded it to me and told me to replace, in the folder where I
unzipped the tgz, this file for which he sent me back with the
aforementioned functions canceled. And to compile the application to test
... but I am not able to do this step. He also told me that he had NOT
deleted any code, only "commented" so that the compilation would ignore it.
I don't understand any of this, and I can't test either, the only thing I
can do is append this file here in case someone wants to test it. Or if
someone is kind enough to show me the steps to compile so I can test.

El mar, 12 ene 2021 a las 18:25, preobraz--- via Cin (<
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>) escribió:

> "Piping Video to a Command Line" - this really bomb! I'm very want
> comeback this feature.
> --
> Ugin.
> 12.01.2021 18:33, Phyllis Smith via Cin пишет:
> >> I would like to know how many people use this and that function, so a
> >> developer can make the right thing, if he is not a filmaker/editor.
> >>
> >> *Andrew*, in response to IgorB I am in favor of *commenting out the code
> > for the 2 buttons* - Save to EDL Path and Warn if jobs/session
> mismatched.
> > It would be less confusing than creating an UNSAFE button.  I made an
> > attempt to do this yesterday but ended up with SEGV as I am really
> > clueless.  I do not want to delete the code because this way the
> > experienced users can recompile themselves and get the feature capability
> > back for their own use.
> >
> > In the past, deleting code has just led to having to put it back -- case
> in
> > point is "Piping Video to a Command Line".  It was deleted and we got
> raked
> > over the coals because one person responded that it was the only feature
> of
> > CinelerraGG that he used.
> >
> >
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