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*Phyllis, Andrew, Andrea Paz, Igor BEGHETTO, Ugin...*

Thinking about the render window issue I have come up with an option that I
think would be very easy to implement and would make the "Save to EDL Path"
button stop being dangerous and the window could be left with all the
functions and buttons just as it was before starting this debate

Let me explain, would it be possible that the option "Save to EDL Path" if
it is pressed with an xml file name that already exists on the disk does
not alter this xml and what it does is a copy of it adding a number to the

For example:
- I have "MyProject.xml" existing on the disk and I have this EDL loaded in
the EDL Path box:
- If I change the name, for example "MyNewProject.xml" before pressing the
"Save to EDL Path" option, the wizard, as it does now, will create a new
xml file with this name because this file does not exist yet in the disk
and is created from 0.
- If I don't change the name and the file already exists, what Cinelerra
will do is never overwrite the existing xml information, but create a new
xml with a number added to its name.
- For example, I have "MyProject.xml" existing on disk and I press "Save to
EDL Path" Cinelerra, what in this case it will create a copy with a number
at the end, creating a new xml called "MyProject_001.xml"

In this way, this button is no longer a dangerous button and Igor_ubuntu
will be able to continue working in his personal way, creating as many
versions as he wants of his projects from the render window, and he will
even benefit from this new working mode of the option "Save to EDL Path" in
case you have not been careful to change the name and click it
accidentally, this will not destroy your work, it will just create a new
xml, which is always a better option than destroying a job.

And the other issue is that the option "warn if jobs/session mismatched"
simply comes deactivated by default, as my friend has left, if it is
activated it will remain active until the application is closed. Without
Cinelerra remembering its last state and always starting off. So in this
way if someone does tests and then wants to render from the terminal they
do not have the problem of the error of the EDL sessions that do not match.

I think that the render window remains the same as GoodGuy left it with the
improvement that it will never destroy an existing xml file on disk.

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> hahahahaha the budget only gives for a bay leaf :-)
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>> Yeah! I am The Winner!
>> Where is my cup? I want a gold metal cup, not a plastic cup!
>> Mah! (italian expression of disappointment)
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>> > I vote blank, so for the moment Igor wins.
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