[Cin] Backups discussion

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 17:14:53 CET 2021

> So, right now CinGG tracks your work and can create two backup files
> (backup.xml and backup.prev). It works [hopefully] but feels a bit TOO
> dangerous in
> the event of crash, when confused user may save backup instead of loading
> it.

If the confused user "saves" backup instead of loading it -- that is the
whole purpose of backup.prev.  It works perfectly as I have just tested by
doing 2 ctrl-c from a terminal window where I was running Cin.   I would
imagine that as soon as the user realizes his/her mistake, he/she would
stop immediately.  This is when loading backup.prev solves the problem.
What does the user do when they keyin "rm file"? who saves them from making

Alternatively, the user can turn on "PERPETUAL SESSION" in Preferences flag
so it automatically restarts where the person left off when Cin was

> At very minimum I think I can try to write 'we_are_running.lock' file on
> app startup,
> and only delete it on clean shutdown. So, there will be way to act in case
> we detect crash.

Locks create deadlocks so I am leery of the above.

> After we detect crash - probably right now Warning can be displayed,
> instructing user to seek LOADING backups.
> If I can made this sytem work reliably - I hope multi-backup solution also
> will be within reach.

Multiple backups would be good and was previously mentioned in Bug Tracker #
 375 and BT #521 (Note 4214).  Also, autosave for users who have not
learned to do a save occasionally would be good.
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