[Cin] New proposal for "Save to EDL Path" in Batch Render

Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux rafamar.mm.ig at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 06:22:16 CET 2021

*Hi Andrew*, I see that you know programming,
To try to keep the "Save to EDL Path" option in the batchrender.C file

Would it be possible that when this option is pressed, instead of
overwriting the file loaded in EDL Path with the project that is now loaded
in Cinelerra, if the precaution has not been taken to rename it, what it
does is create a new file with the same name plus an incremental number or
the current date?

And in this situation that in EDL Path the name is updated with this new

I mean if the file exists don't overwrite it, but create a copy with the
same name plus a current number or date with the new project status.

For example, I have my project:
project.xml I hit the "Save to EDL Path" button and a new project_001.xml
file is created, if I hit again project_002.xml, and this name is also
updated in the EDL path.


Another option would be that if the file name exists, a backup copy of it
with the date or an incremental number is created, so even if this button
is pressed several times by mistake, there will always be a copy that will
save the state of our project before play with this option.

For example, I have my project:
project.xml I click the "Save to EDL Path" button and a backup file is
created with the current content of the xml of the EDL path called
project_bk001.xml, if I click again project_bk002.xml etc ...

In this way, this button would stop being dangerous, since we would never
overwrite our original file.


In both cases this would happen if the file loaded in the EDL path already
exists on the disk, to avoid writing it. If, on the contrary, the user has
taken the precaution of changing the name, its operation will be like the
current onea  new file will be created with the current state of the

A programmer has told me that this is done by creating a function that in
case the file already exists will not overwrite it, but will make a copy
with an incremental number or the current date. I don't know how to do
this, if I knew I would be happy to do it.

I am still in favor of eliminating this option, because of how dangerous it
is currently, and because this is not normally done from a batch render
window, but from the project itself with the save as option. But I observe
that there are people who want this option. And I think that in this way
that I indicate it would be even easier to use avoiding loss of projects.

The "Warn if jobs ...." option would be left as my friend did, if the user
activates so it it  will remain during the current session, but whenever
Cinelerra is started this option will be disabled by default and in the xml
it will always 0, in this way if the render is done from the terminal there
will be no problems of matching versions.

*Phyllis*, what do you think of this possibility?

I apologize for the time I steal from you with this theme, but the goal is
to perfect these little details of Cinelerra and prevent someone from
losing their work in such a sadly easy way.
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