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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 06:13:24 CET 2021

Andrew, I think the manual wording  is actually wrong as I have been
testing.  Specifically this statement:

> The perpetual.dat file is only updated when you Quit CINELERRA-GG in the
> normal manner.
If you look at $HOME/perpetual.dat timestamp, it is updated when you do an

Who wrote that anyway?  Uh, oh, I DID !!  I need to fix this and now I know
how to make an easy SEGV so it will be easy to check it.
More later, Phyllis

On Sat, Jan 16, 2021 at 1:19 AM Andrew Randrianasulu via Cin <
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org> wrote:

> If I read manual (from Jan, 15, 2021) correcty, it says:
> ====
> Perpetual session is very useful for working on a project over many days
> so you
> can just quit before shutting down and the next time you start up
> you will be right back where you left off. You will retain all of your
> undo’s and
> redo’s. The binary file name is $HOME/.bcast5/perpetual.dat and as long as
> Settings → Preferences, the Appearance tab has the Flag Perpetual session
> set this capability takes effect. It is very important to understand that
> this is not
> the same as the continuously editing- operation-updated backup.xml file. The
> perpetual.dat file is only updated when you Quit CINELERRA-GG in the normal
> manner. Which means if you interrupt the program, or kill it, or there is
> a segv or
> system crash, the perpetual.dat file will only reflect the state of your
> project
> from when you last started CINELERRA-GG, and none of the
> editing/undo’s/redo’s
> you executed during the current session which was not ended normally.
> • the files backup.xml and backup.prev will operate the same as before so
> that
>   if there is a crash, you will want to use File → Load backup in order to
>   continue where you were interrupted.
> ====
> So, I take this as
> IF my CinGG instance crashed with Perpetual Session turned on, I should
> start program again,
> load Backup, and then quit normally. So, on next load everything will by
> synced again.
> I am correct?
> Is there any pressure for making this Perpetual Session data also
> user-saveable? (I am thinking
> about another item in main menu, hidden if perpetual session turned off)
> Still thinking on automatic crash detection .... CinGG already know how to
> dump .dmp files
> so same function handle_dump() in guicast/bcsignals.C can be used to put
> crash file in ~/.bcast5,
> but this may become more complex with two or more instances .....
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