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Greetings Andrew.
I think we should focus on what is truly important. And ask us a question.

What does an AV technician expect from a Batch Render assistant?
-May he always open blank. This reminding of the last sessions can cause
wasted time, and we flee from tools that could waste our time or step on
already exported videos. For this we have the buttons to save and load the
batch render list if we wish.
- Being able to export fragments of a project. Currently the wizard has the
option to create clips on each label, very good, but perhaps it lacks the
option to export the defined zone, and to be able to define several zones
in the same process. This function does not exist, I am not saying that you
should create it. I imagine that something like this should have a new
button "Section in-out points" that when pressed after having indicated the
correct EDL Path, for example using "Use current EDL", will create a new
line in "Batches to render "with the information of the start and end point
delimited with the in out points. The output path is simply left blank so
that one can choose where to perform this render or use the same path and
xml file name with a timestamp, so that files are never stepped on. If we
modify the position of the in-out points and press "Section in-out points"
again, a new line is created ... and so on. (This point is just an idea)
- The fact that the render starts from where the playhead was the last time
it was saved I see it as a bug, a joke in bad taste.
- To be able to render from the terminal without destroying an xml file,
which has only reading capacity, but not writing capacity when using cin -r
with respect to the indicated xml. This happened to me too, that's why I
don't feel comfortable with this assistant, it's too dangerous.
- I still don't like the "Save to EDL Path" button, despite the warnings.
What I do is once I have made the changes I want, I save as and then, after
creating a new line, I use the option "Use Current EDL"
-I don't like the "warn if jobs ...." option either ... there have even
been users who have reported this behavior as an error, but it would be
enough to put the values, which I indicated in another message, to 0 to not
have this error from first use.

The fact that these options can be hidden seems like an excellent job of

Well, I don't want to steal more time from you than I have stolen from you
with this topic. I don't know how to program, that's why I can only help by
testing and you saw that if you don't give me the complete files, I'm wrong.

Thank you very much for your excellent work, I do not use this assistant at
the moment, because to my it wastes my time, when really a batch process
should save it, but if you need me to keep trying new changes, count on me.

El lun, 18 ene 2021 a las 22:38, Andrew Randrianasulu via Cin (<
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> If I run naively ../bin/cin -r /dev/shm/1.xml
> wher 1.xml IS my project file, NOT another batchrender.rc
> it will overwrite it with just
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <JOBS>
> </JOBS>
> I'm working on a fix .....
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