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The tools have to be safe, especially when they are strange, impractical
and lack any logic.

If a clumsy user deletes or corrupts an important file by doing things with
the system that he should not do, it is her responsibility. But when this
happens because this same user tries to do something in an application,
such as Cinelerra, following logic and the result is the loss or corruption
of their work, perhaps not all the fault is theirs, perhaps it is that this
tool should be reviewed to improve it.

Phyllis has already made it clear to me that backward compatibility with
strange and illogical ways of working, which can totally baffle new users,
even experienced ones, is more important than trying to improve these tools
with a simpler and more logical way of working. In summary, if a tool is
poorly conceived, it will continue to be the case because in Cinelerra it
is more important to give continuity to a tool that some users have already
learned to use than to make an improvement that could satisfy even these
veteran users and also newcomers. Given this I can do nothing.

If Blender had applied this logic, they would still be using the interface
of the 2.4 branch versions. But they were brave and bet on modernizing and
making a Blender a little less strange, much more logical and modern, and
above all, easier to use. It is true that some veteran users, like myself,
needed a short adaptation period, since there were many changes from the
2.5 branch, but they were changes to improve, today Blender is one of the
best 3D suites on the market . I'm also not asking for a total recoding of
Cinelerra, just a Batch Render window that is simple, logical and
functional... but I see that it is more important to satisfy users with
very eccentric ways of working than trying to improve. And it's a shame
because Cinelerra GG It really is a great job and a great improvement from
the other development branches of Cinelerra, but even so, it has many
points that could be improved. Perhaps basing the Batch Render on the old
versions was no longer a good starting point, but I no longer have many
illusions is that a wizard is made that is really good for batch rendering.

Cinelerra GG seems to be aimed at eccentric users and does not have much
interest in being attractive to new users. And this is neither good nor
bad, simply a philosophy that I must respect and not interfere further in
its development, because I have another philosophy. Cinelerra GG is still a
very good editor, even if it doesn't have a good batch rendering wizard.
The one that currently exists is not good at all, it is inherited from the
old versions, sometimes it surprises you and does its job well...
especially when you discover that you have to leave the playhead at the
beginning of the project if you want the batch to render export the entire
project... seems like a joke, but it's not.

Greetings and forgive this long exposure.

El jue, 21 ene 2021 a las 3:35, Georgy Salnikov (<sge at nmr.nioch.nsc.ru>)

> On Wed, 20 Jan 2021, Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin wrote:
> > > Should protect against project (or anyfile) overwrite
> > > with just 'cin -r my_super_important_file'
> > >
> > > Try it out?
> > >
> > >
> > > It still probably will *overwrite* some valid XML files, so do not let
> > > 'cin -r'
> A single small step further. A really secure computer system should perhaps
> protect itself by prohibiting user logins altogether. Any real system has a
> lot of superimportant valid files which could get mistakely overwritten by
> an uncompetent user...
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