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The "Reset All" button works even better than I could imagine, this reset
is perfect, so perfect that even if it is pressed by mistake with an undo
everything is recovered.

It would not hurt in the tag to indicate that it can be undone.
(Reset Titler params to their default values. \n You can be undone by
pressing z on the timeline)


All good, except for the "font name", let me explain, if I choose "fuente
nombre" in Spanish, the tag is does not insert in English, it insert in
The closing tag does not work, this one if it is in English, while I am in
Spanish, but </font> does not work , all the text that I write after it
continues with the changed font, however if I put to close tag without the
bar / <font> it works as a closing tag.

[image: imagen.png]

This tag has a problem of before the changes, I know it because I use a lot
of different fonts in the titles, and the closure sometimes works and
sometimes not, I solved it by putting another tag of font to continue with
the predefined one in the font box, but I know that a closure should do
this without me having to insert another "font name" with the same font
that I already chose globally above.

I have tried to put the closure in Spanish and the same thing happens, it
only closes if I remove the /

the tag "font and /font" they insert well, they look in Spanish in the
menu, but they are inserted in English, which is how you want them to be
The only one that fail with the language is "font name", and in execution,
that of closing the /font tag.

And most importantly, thank you very much for your good work.

El dom, 24 ene 2021 a las 22:06, Andrew Randrianasulu via Cin (<
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>) escribió:

> Oh, I was stupid, object must be pitch-> , not pitch_line-> !
> Now it works, hopefully ....
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