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Wed Jan 27 01:52:04 CET 2021

* Solution to the shell command in the attachments, along with the Spanish
version and English with minimal style.

For them to be displayed correctly, it is not enough to configure Cinelerra
in the local language, the script I found in doc works with the language of
the browser where it is opened. Look at the file in Spanish, I have given
it a little, very little, of style, if you like it, I can do the same in
Phyllis, Andrew initially called this button "Reset" but I suggested that
he call it "Reset All" because in the position it is in it appears to be a
reset for colors only. In this case "Est mea culpa" from Latin, I am the
culprit. From the moment that the reset change can be undone, then if
someone presses the button believed to be only for colors, the undo will
solve the problem.

The time code thing HH: MM: SS: FF I also suggested it to Andrew, because
this is precisely the SMPTE standard. It seemed more suitable to me, since
Cinelerra is a video editor.

Is the quick start guide for the batch render wizard correct?
You should review the English version, sometimes I make mistakes, mostly
In Spanish it's fine, I provided you with the odt files, in case someone
wants to translate them into their native language.

I could do this in French, Italian and Portuguese, but it would always be
good for a native person to review and correct them if necessary. It is not
that I am polyglot, but I have notions of these languages.

I thought it would be easy to put a help button that opens this pdf in the
predefined reader of the system where it is used or an html file that opens
in the web browser.

Another question that worries mi.
If in the end it has been decided that batch render will take into account
the cursor position, it would be possible that this was a user option.
□ Ignore playhead position
And by default activated.
Or the opposite,
□ Take into account the position of the play head.
And by default deactivated.

I do not want to think that in a montage with more than 100 scenes, where
the normal thing in professional production companies is to make a project
for each scene, and then put them all together in a final montage, that I
should remember to leave the cursor at the beginning, or having to open the
100+ projects to check the cursor position. I think these rare and
exclusive Cinelerra things should be optional.

It's just a suggestion... I don't want to be lion food.

I attach the files referring to the shell command, I have corrected the
java script in the ShellCmds.html file, which is the one that makes the
call to the different languages. I have tested it in English, Spanish and
Russian, and they are all work perfect. I have added the other possible
languages, to be able to uncomment the lines if one day they are added. I
have added a new html version in Spanish and I am also attaching the pdf.
Remember that this java script does not read the language of cinelerra, it
reads the language of the browser where it opens... I know how to do this
with html, css, and with my very little knowledge of java script but not
linking with the Cinelerra language, I don't know how to do this.
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