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Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux rafamar.mm.ig at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 11:41:06 CET 2021

A real pleasure to collaborate with the Cinelerra GG team.

I also tried Russian and I had to use Google Translate to be able to search
for "Language" in Russian and then choose one at random, I had tried
several, but Russian uses characters that are totally unknown to me and I
ran into a problem when try to change the language setting again. :-D

I have tried them, and they open well in Spanish and Russian, because the
files exist, in other languages, since they do not exist, they open in
English. When they exist, they simply have to be named as indicated in
ShellCmds.html and uncomment the corresponding line.

Please Phyllis, there were many messages that Andrew and I exchanged, it is
difficult to keep up to date, really do not worry.

Andrew is the one who has really worked the most, I only gave ideas, but he
did them, which is the important thing, and very effectively. I don't know
him in person, I sense that he is an excellent person, just like you,
Andrea Paz, Igor Berg, Igor Ubuntu (I don't know if they are the same
person), Sam and many others that I sure now forget to quote. <3

I send you the files again, now they are more compact and will look good in
without having to scroll down. Unless you are using a standard VGA
monochrome monitor. :-)

Kind regards dear Phyllis.

El mié, 27 ene 2021 a las 5:12, Phyllis Smith (<phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>)

> RafaMar, some commentary below sentences.
> * Solution to the shell command in the attachments, along with the Spanish
>> version and English with minimal style.
>> For them to be displayed correctly, it is not enough to configure
>> Cinelerra in the local language, the script I found in doc works with the
>> language of the browser where it is opened. Look at the file in Spanish, I
>> have given it a little, very little, of style, if you like it, I can do the
>> same in English.
> That was the original intent -- to have it come up in the browser based on
> the language that the browser is using (which could very well be different
> than what Cinelerra is using).
> I can not tell for sure if the ru and es versions work from CinelerraGG or
> even from the browser.  I made a big mistake today and changed my browser
> language to Russian and after I thought I put it back, I still ended up
> with google news in Russian and I do not understand a word of it.  But I
> will figure it out eventually how to fix it (need to learn myself).  So due
> to my limited language skills, if you could test this from Cinelerra and
> let me know that all 4 varieties work, that would be helpful?  If* Andrea*
> could just test with his browser in italian with expected results should be
> that the english will come up.
> *How to test:*
> 1) unzip the file that RafaMar provided
> 2) copy the 3 files: ShellCmds_en.html  ShellCmds_es.html ShellCmds.html
> to {cinelerra location}/bin/doc
>     ShellCmds.html will be an overwrite
> 3) start CinelerraGG in any language you want
> 4) click on the "shell cmds" icon in the upper right hand corner of the
> timeline main window (above the FF)
> 5) choose the option "Setting Shell Commands" and the html will pop up in
> your browser window depending on the browser language
> 6) at least all 4 browser languages have to work: english, spanish,
> russian, and all other languages have to come up in english
> -----------------------------------------
>> Phyllis, Andrew initially called this button "Reset" but I suggested that
>> he call it "Reset All" because in the position it is in it appears to be a
>> reset for colors only. In this case "Est mea culpa" from Latin, I am the
>> culprit. From the moment that the reset change can be undone, then if
>> someone presses the button believed to be only for colors, the undo will
>> solve the problem.
>> The time code thing HH: MM: SS: FF I also suggested it to Andrew, because
>> this is precisely the SMPTE standard. It seemed more suitable to me, since
>> Cinelerra is a video editor.
> I probably missed reading about the above in the emails which I usually go
> back over to see if I missed something before doing a GIT checkin but I
> really wanted to get the Titler checkin done as it was a definite
> improvement.  I do not think the location of the Reset button under the
> color balls will confuse anyone because it is on the bottom like so many
> other plugins.
>> Is the quick start guide for the batch render wizard correct?
>> You should review the English version, sometimes I make mistakes, mostly
>> syntactic.
>> In Spanish it's fine, I provided you with the odt files, in case someone
>> wants to translate them into their native language.
> I do plan on reviewing the English version but the dog here is too fat and
> I can not take the chance of burning the food and having to give it to him.
> Other ones of your comments left out here for now until a method to
> implement is available.  Nothing in Cinelerra programming is ever very easy.
>> I attach the files referring to the shell command, I have corrected the
>> java script in the ShellCmds.html file, which is the one that makes the
>> call to the different languages. I have tested it in English, Spanish and
>> Russian, and they are all work perfect. I have added the other possible
>> languages, to be able to uncomment the lines if one day they are added. I
>> have added a new html version in Spanish and I am also attaching the pdf.
>> Remember that this java script does not read the language of cinelerra, it
>> reads the language of the browser where it opens... I know how to do this
>> with html, css, and with my very little knowledge of java script but not
>> linking with the Cinelerra language, I don't know how to do this.
> I have looked at the 3 shell command language files and they look good
> with the exception of line spacing.  It would be better if you could have
> it fit on a single screen so that if someone is using it to learn how to
> use this capability, they do not have to scroll up and down.
> RafaMar is doing a lot of work and it is welcome and very much
> appreciated.  Thanks, Phyllis
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