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Walter Casanova wcasanova at disroot.org
Wed Jan 27 19:24:24 CET 2021

El miércoles, 27 de enero de 2021 14:45:22 -03 Phyllis Smith via Cin escribió:
> Walter, thanks so much for the feedback as sometimes things unexpectedly
> are impacted by modifications and break.  But I don't think that is the
> case here.  The variable is not $CIN_BROWSER, but just CIN_BROWSER without
> the $ in front.  Although I have no other browsers to test, I did the
> following and got the following result:
> [root at keystone bin]# CIN_BROWSER=firefox-developer-edition ./cin

This is very valid, but I prefer that it look for the variable directly, so I don't have to edit the 
shortcuts (.desktop).

> > Cinelerra Infinity - built: Jan 26 2021 09:26:19
> > ...
> > /bin/bash: firefox-developer-edition: command not found
> In addition. I used on the command line:   CIN_BROWSER=vi ./cin
> and vi did come up in the terminal window.  And just to be sure, I tried it
> as an ordinary user instead of root with the same results.
> > yes, add the variable in .zshenv, because I use zsh, but beyond that it
> > seems that cinelerra doesn't read the environment variables. because
> > firefox is still

I understand, the $ is to tell the interpreter that it is a variable if it is not going to print the 
written text literally

I noticed that I had a problem in a function in zshenv, which doesn't seem to export well.
but it is already corrected. only added to bashrc, zshrc, profile, etc.

export  CIN_BROWSER=firefox-developer-edition

Thanks greetings

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