[Cin] Some possible thirdparty updates I noticed

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 15:28:24 CET 2021

Hi all!!

Hi, Rafa :} I remember about your requests, but so far 
intensively look at some other corner ....

Things I recently updated on my machine:


OpenJPEG 2.4.0 released
28 December 2020 
Good news everyone !
OpenJPEG 2.4.0 is released today.
This release brings several improvements on the encoder side:
support for multithreading
support for generation of PLT markers
single-threaded performance improvements in forward DWT for 5-3 and 9-7 (and other improvements)
support IMF profiles
as well as various bugfixes, as detailed in the Changelog hereunder.

libsndfile 1.0.31:


mostly small memleaks? It still configures with autotools ....


might fix some crashes?

At CinGG's thirdparty we currently have:


Of course BIG question here will it still work after upgrade ? :}

I'll try to figure this out

There also was openEXR update, 2.5.3

with claimed perf. optimization.

But this specific library makes me a bit more nervous about updating ...still
may be I'll try even this!

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