[Cin] [spam?] New release of AppImage's with Alt/h hotkey

Georgy Salnikov sge at nmr.nioch.nsc.ru
Tue Jun 1 06:38:53 CEST 2021

On Mon, 31 May 2021, Phyllis Smith via Cin wrote:

>       https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/images/HTML_Manual-20210531.tgz

Phyllis, Andrea,

There appears one more duplicated HTML manual page:

How_it_works.html referenced from Help_Context_Help.html
How_it_works.html referenced from Copy_Paste_Highlight_Usage.html

Perhaps it would be advisable to name the former subsection somehow like
"How Context Help works" and the latter one "How Copy/Paste works" in order
to avoid HTML filename duplication.

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