[Cin] Cannot render above 60FPS

gorge rankin nonoobspam at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 08:09:38 CEST 2021


I cannot seem to figure out how to render video over 60FPS.

I can do 60 FPS and below with no issue.  Everything is rock solid stable
and very performant.

I am using Cin gg latest on Ubuntu.

My source video is 2560x1440 at 90FPS.

What I've been doing:
- start new project
- Settings -> Format, manually type 90.000 in "Frame Rate".  Ensure that
2560 and 1440 are in Width and Height accordingly.  Then I  click apply,
then click OK.
- load my file through resources. right click on thumb of my video in
resources, and choose "match all".

Then when I render my project with "File Format" of "FFMPEG" and "type" of
"mp4" I get these error message windows/errors:

One error window with:
"Couldn't open /path/to/outfile.mp4"

and another window titled "Cinelerra: Messages" with this in it:
int FFMPEG:open_encoder(const char*, const char*):
    check_frame_rate failed /path/to/outfile.mp4

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance.
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