[Cin] [patch] Few more choices for samplerate, size and fps

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 02:26:14 CEST 2021


> Hm, I think I added few more framerates, still can't say why
> ffmpeg/mpeg2/144 fps do not work... 120/100/90 fps works.. /

I "think" mpeg2/144 fps worked for me on a sample file.
But I am still confused why 16 and 17 fps work (15 is one of the choices)
and why 51 fps does not.  And also, 1000 works even
though it is not in the code now.   Oh, well... it is checked into GIT but
without the commented out printf.

Also checked into GIT, the theme.C additions.

I also changed default proxy codec to mov (mpeg4/xvid) due to this - while
> my real 25 fps clip does not hit this limitation if i just change project
> settings to 144 fps...
I did NOT check this BECAUSE the default is documented in the Manual and
was highly recommended by IgorBeg when
proxy was first established and tested.  Is there a problem with leaving
proxy.C as it currently is?  It seemed to work OK for
me just now with the other changes in.  If you think it definitely needs to
be changed, we will have to discuss with IgorBeg
and update the manual.

Thanks so much for the quick response !  I am still stuck on multiple
issues ... Phyllis
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