[Cin] CinGG crash rendering high fps

mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Sun Jun 27 19:50:42 CEST 2021

Well, it's good I did not make  BT entry out of it.

The error message MotionHVScan only appears in the motion2 plugin.
I did three different renders to mp4.
a) motion2 removed, H.264 vaapi: rendered 32174 frames in 1604.302
secs, 20.055 fps, file size 1.1 GB. b) motion2 removed, H.264: rendered
32174 frames in 1902.344 secs, 16.913 fps, file size .39 GB ! c)
motion2 restored. Time slow because machine went in standby, file size
.39 GB. All three played fine.

In all cases, I used a fresh start of CinGG from the bin directory, no
effects in action anywhere.

I could not understand yesterday why MotionHVScan would have anything
to do with duplicating frames, but it doesn't apparently. I don't know
what went wrong yesterday but it must have been something local. No
updates were done to the machine.

Now the files all play fine, and VLC says there are 120 fps, but are
they really? I don't have a high-fps monitor (it is running at 60
Hz). I should expect that a movie at 120 fps when played at 60 Hz
runs at half the speed, or maybe it is played indeed at 120 hz but I
cannot see it because of the monitor/graphics susbsystem?

What I also don't understand is why rendering not using vaapi makes the
rendered file so little bigger at 120 fps than at the original
50. The original was 348 decimal MB, the 120fps one 407 .

Finally, rendering was slow, and software rendering did not use
100% cpu, I guess on average about 50. Could be that if I were to use a
local (same machine) render farm it goes much quicker.


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