[Cin] Problem with last Cinelerra-GG version

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 19:50:00 CEST 2021

David, well the good news is that it did not take me all day but the bad
news is that I can not duplicate the error.
Here is what I tried and all worked correctly.  However, I was "root" when

Debian 64-bit 9.1 (stretch) -- used the older distros AppImage for
4.9.228-1 (2020-07-05) as shown in "uname -a"
Debian 32-bit 9.1 (stretch) -- used the older distros AppImage for
4.9.228-1 (2020-07-05) as shown in "uname -a"
Debian 64-bit 10 (buster) -- used the older distros AppImage for 4.19-132-1
(2020-07-24) as shown in "uname -a"
Debian 8 64&32-bit - unable to boot

When AppImage "new" (as opposed to "older") does not work, it does not get
that error message; it will get an
error message similar to "GLIBC_#.# not found" or maybe some other
library.  I have to user older because I have
not kept any of these systems upgraded.

Alt/h hotkey for help is very nice so it would be really good for you to
use the latest version.
When/if you have time and would like to try to help analyze the problem,
try the following:

1) It is possible that you $HOME/.bcast5 is somehow corrupted, so just to
eliminate this, from a window keyin:
    CIN_CONFIG=/tmp/bcast1 /{location-where-you
    1.1) Obviously you will not have your default settings, but at least it
eliminate this as a problem.
    1.2) If it fails (and even if it works) send the messages on that
startup window so we can analyze further.

2) ONLY IF comfortable logging in and running as "root", try to run the
older AppImage (the older will work on new systems).
    YOU MUST BE CAREFUL running temporarily as root, so do not do this if
you are not to avoid ruining your work.

> OK, I will boot the Debian partitions here and see if I can duplicate the
> > error.  This will probably take me all day
> > due to unfamiliarity with Debian.
> Arg! I don't know how to help more :(
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