[Cin] Got cingg running on termux!

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon May 17 03:47:47 CEST 2021


>  BC_WindowBase::init_im: Could not open input method. *unjoined tids* /
> owner 1 00000000ea7fc230 / 00000000ec6e9fc0 12BC_Clipboard FORTIFY:
> pthread_mutex_lock called on a destroyed mutex (0xaf689e0) Aborted $
> probably because i failed to switch away from termux window into vnc
> window? or my vnc client was not working properly (there was aterm, but i
> was unable to tyoe and see my commands there..)
I do not know if this is applicable to Termux, but when a*n O/S get
"unjoined tids"* the following is stated in the manual:

            BC_DisplayInfo::init_window: cannot open display "".
            BC_DisplayInfo::init_window: cannot connect to X server.
            *unjoined tids */ owner 42

               00007feb27fff700 / 00007feb8f496700 9MainError
               00007feb267fc700 / 00007feb7affd700 18FFMPEGScanProgress

This usually indicates that you are out of Operating System file
descriptors. You
can increase the amount easily with the following command line:
*ulimit -n4096* where 4096 is a size suggestion but can be increased.

Just guessing here. ...Phyllis

> Anyone can try CinGG via VNC connection?)
> Anyone can provide me with simplest project based on samples.mplayerhq.hu
> / matrixbench? so at least i'll try to test non-gui rendering....
> of course only if anyone having time for such playing around}
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