[Cin] arm/termux series (possibly broken on x86)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 09:07:05 CET 2021


> If you are modifying configure.ac anyway, I suggest to comment out the
> line about "no-unknown-warning-option" ?
> It causes no end of useless warnings.
Good suggestion. It will be done.

> Also, the detection of the number of cpus (about line 143) is done by a
> very specific Linux method /proc/cpuinfo) , which does not work on
> FreeBSD and macOS.
So I do an exact replacement from:
      CPUS=`grep -c "^proc" /proc/cpuinfo`
Is that correct?

For     0031-configure-script-specially-for-termux.patch   is it acceptable
to use the filename of "configure_termux" instead of "my_configure"?    I
was already thinking about adding "configure_32-bit" to make it easier when
I create AppImages.
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