[Cin] pcm in mp4

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 05:39:58 CET 2021


You can use mp4box to mux PCM audio in MP4.

If the audio is in a separate file,

mp4box -add h264.mp4#video -add pcm.mov#audio -new h264pcm.mp4
If it's in the same file

mp4box -add h264pcm.mov -new h264pcm.mp4

Success! This works perfectly and premiere accepts the file with ease.
Thank you for this info!

For those attempting similar things, I used FFMPEG to create a standalone
m4v file with a h.264 stream (encoded to my liking) as well as a mov file
containing just a PCM audio stream (mp4box would not accept a wav file for
some reason). Mp4box accepted both of those with the syntax mentioned above
and gave me a single mp4 file that premiere was happy with.


may be ffmbc also accepts this. If 'support' was as simple as 'id case
somewhere' - we probably can patch our ffmpeg too
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