[Cin] offtopic: Digitize and record Video with A/D USB adapters

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 22:23:22 CEST 2021

Den 11.10.2021 21:51, skrev mnieuw--- via Cin:
> snip
>>> I've also got confirmed from AVerMedia that their CU511B USB3 (full
>>> HD) box mentioned just has been EOLed. Their only current solution
>>> with Linux driver (for Ubuntu) seems to be  CL311M2 (full HD), which
>>> again is a PCIe grabber card.
>> There are also USB HDMI video grabbers, e.g.
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fltt5JhodCE (don't have any experience
>> with those). But the german c't IT magazine has tested a number of
>> cheap ones, see
>> https://www.heise.de/tests/HDMI-USB-Videograbber-mit-Full-HD-Aufloesung-ab-7-Euro-im-Test-5042020.html
>> .
>> If you are interested, I can lookup the article.
>> Mat
> c't tested it successfully under Ubunto 20.04 . The devices implement
> box-standard UVC (USB Video Class) and UAC (USB Audio Class). Linux
> kernels 4.5 and later should be OK.
> MatN

Yes, I've seen simple HDMI to USB video grabbers. But isn't these only 
digital to digital video without A/D converter, which for me is the most 
central part? Then it would be fine to get both HDMI and SD combined in 
a single device, like in the above more complex and costly AVerMedia 
device or also BM Declink, both with some HDMI (breakout) cable dongle 
for analog connections.

Terje J. H

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