[Cin] offtopic: Digitize and record Video with A/D USB adapters

Marco Ciampa ciampix at posteo.net
Mon Oct 11 22:41:51 CEST 2021

Hello people,
first time I'm writing here and not native English speaker.
So forgive me if I'm not that good at expressing myself.

That said I want to share the content of an article I read somewhere that
(unfortunately) I do not remember anymore but I remember the guts of if
and think it could be much useful for someone.

The writer tested a lot of (not so) inexpensive PAL/NTSC USB and PCI
converters and a few of expensive ones too. Suddenly he remembered that
its Digital TV with PAL/NTSC input was _much_ better at displaying video
that the video grabbers. To make a long story short he discovered that
that was because of an internal analog to digital _and_ the FHD to HD
digital downconverter that did the trick. The principle here is "always
sample much more that what you want to obtain".

The result is this: forget the explensive and inexpensive grabbers and

- one cheap HDMI to USB3 grabber (you can find models compatible with
  linux for ~10-20 euros / dollars)

- one cheap PAL/NTSC (SCART) to HDMI converter (you can find models for
  ~10 euros/dollars)

and that's all. It will also come handy for aquisition of video from
reflex/mirrorless cameras and so on...

Hope someone find this handy...


Marco Ciampa

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