[Cin] Support for xml files from Premiere Pro, Da Vinci, Avid, FinalCut Pro

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 16:32:13 CEST 2021

These topics are very interesting to me, and I've tried to discuss
them at other times.

The xml format of CinGG is specific and not compatible with that of
other programs. There can be no interchange. Andrew has worked on the
EDL CMX3600, but it is not fully functional and in any case it is too
poor and obsolete (it was born for analog). Perhaps a feasible way
would be to make the CinGG xml compatible with OpenTimelineIO
(https://github.com/PixarAnimationStudios/OpenTimelineIO), but I have
no idea how difficult it would be to create an "adapter".

Since ffmpeg supports mxf in a basic way, there is an encoding preset
available in CinGG; however, I assume you are referring to more
advanced features such as timecode and metadata support, so that the
SMTP standard is fully respected. Could you provide more details on
what is required by this format and what is missing? Do you think it's
possible to implement it in CinGG (which also involves implementing
timecode and metadata)?
[PS: I saw that you are contributing to the AXIOM Beta/OpenCine
project; what is the status of the project? I wish you all the luck!

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