[Cin] Support for xml files from Premiere Pro, Da Vinci, Avid, FinalCut Pro

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Thu Oct 21 17:12:24 CEST 2021

On Tuesday, October 19, 2021, Andrea paz via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>

> These topics are very interesting to me, and I've tried to discuss
> them at other times.
> @MatN
> The xml format of CinGG is specific and not compatible with that of
> other programs. There can be no interchange. Andrew has worked on the
> EDL CMX3600, but it is not fully functional and in any case it is too
> poor and obsolete (it was born for analog). Perhaps a feasible way
> would be to make the CinGG xml compatible with OpenTimelineIO
> (https://github.com/PixarAnimationStudios/OpenTimelineIO), but I have
> no idea how difficult it would be to create an "adapter".
> @Stefan
> Since ffmpeg supports mxf in a basic way, there is an encoding preset
> available in CinGG; however, I assume you are referring to more
> advanced features such as timecode and metadata support, so that the
> SMTP standard is fully respected. Could you provide more details on
> what is required by this format and what is missing? Do you think it's
> possible to implement it in CinGG (which also involves implementing
> timecode and metadata)?

I hacked unconditional timecode output some time ago not sure how useful it

I guess other metadata will require some gui changes. Cinelerra - CVE  had
something like this... (if I remember correctly)



// Metadata
  AVDictionary *meta = 0;
  struct tm ctim, *ptm;
  time_t tst;
  char string[128];

  av_dict_set(&meta, "comment", version_name, 0);
  tst = time(0);
  if((ptm = gmtime_r(&tst, &ctim)) &&
    strftime(string, sizeof(string), "%FT%TZ", ptm))
   av_dict_set(&meta, "creation_time", string, 0);

  if(metalist = asset->encoder_parameters[FILEAVLIBS_METADT_IX])
   if(aparam = metalist->find("copyright"))
    av_dict_set(&meta, "copyright",
     aparam->stringvalue, 0);
   if(aparam = metalist->find("title"))
    av_dict_set(&meta, "title",
     aparam->stringvalue, 0);
   if(aparam = metalist->find("author"))
    av_dict_set(&meta, "author",
     aparam->stringvalue, 0);
  context->metadata = meta;


> [PS: I saw that you are contributing to the AXIOM Beta/OpenCine
> project; what is the status of the project? I wish you all the luck!
> https://apertus.org/axiom-beta
> https://apertus.org/opencine]
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