[Cin] libdpx c++ check

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 18:53:12 CEST 2022

> I booted ubuntu 16 and it has gcc 5.4.  This patch worked just fine.
>> Please let me know if check_cxx11_for_libdpx.diff is no longer needed ???
>> and if I should check in the above.
> I checked new patch (from my memory) on Slackware and it worked. So yeah,
> I think this check in configure.ac is not needed anymore.
> Thank you -- I will check in the patch for cinelerra/Makefile soon.
So this means that the following additional line in "
check_cxx11_for_libdpx.diff" as shown below is not needed either?  It does
not seem to match anything else and I have not tested it.

 @@ -1044,6 +1049,7 @@ FFMPEG_EXTRA_LDFLAGS=""
 if test "x$WANT_VAAPI" != "xno" -a "x$HAVE_VAAPI" = "xyes"; then
   EXTRA_LIBS+=' -lva'
*+  EXTRA_LIBS+=' `pkg-config --libs libva`'*
   if test "x$HAVE_vaapi_x11" = "xyes"; then
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