[Cin] April 2022 AppImages

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 20:39:28 CEST 2022

CinGG new appimages for April 2022 are now available along with updated
release notes and manual.  Look for 0430 in:
Thanks for continuing to support and especially use of Cinelerra.

Latest Release Notes inclusion:
GIT for Cinelerra-GG has the following changes from 04/01/2022-04/30/2022

*DPX image reader* added as provided *by Manual V* (with a couple of Andrew
minor mods). This
  supports reading a DPX list file, but not writing at this time.

*Bluray enhancements* as provided *by Andrew *include:
  1) Additional “Profile” choice box with the default to be the current one
in use with the *new “lpcm”* -
  linear pulse code modulation choice method of digitally encoding
uncompressed audio info.
  2) *Chapter interval* amount can be changed to a different value from the
default of every 5 minutes
  by adding ' -c timeinterval in ticks' as the first argument to bdwrite in
the bd.sh job generated by BD
  Render and then executing that job manually. On 1 test computer 100 ticks
equaled 20 seconds.
  3) New “*use tsmuxer*” option checkbox when rendering for Bluray output.
Usage of tsmuxer
  requires that your computer have the tsmuxer software installed along
with any of its prerequisites.
  The default will be as is currently with no tsmuxer. TsMuxer is a
transport stream muxer for
  remuxing/muxing elementary streams.

Although both lpcm and tsmuxer have been tested by Phyllis to function, due
to lack of equipment
there is no verification that using these sounded any different on current

Minor changes were made in the following files to accommodate other
operating systems such as bsd,
  ppc, netbsd, etc. :
   compile_multibit_x265.txt, bld_prepare.sh to add Arch, configure.ac,
fileogg.C, filegif.C, file.C
   cinelerra/Makefile, guicast/Makefile, thirdparty/Makefile.
Bug of uninitialized variables in trackcanvas.C fixed by Andrew.
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