[Cin] Is UDF 2.5 or higher really required for Blu-ray video and BD burning?

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Sun Dec 11 20:08:53 CET 2022

вс, 11 дек. 2022 г., 21:44 Phyllis Smith via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org

> I wonder if someone can clarify if UDF version 2.5 or higher really is
>> required for creating and burning Blu-ray video to VBD-discs (blu-ray
>> video discs)
> The latest version of Fedora, i.e. version 36, has udftools version 2.3
> and my laptop with Fedora 32 has udftools version 2.1.  Both have been and
> continue to work to create blu-ray discs by the CinGG method.

well, while standard demand udf 2.5 - I guess most (newer) players relaxed
on that...

because while mkudffs can make udf 2.5 image/skeleton there is no simple
way to populate this filesystem with files under Linux!

Only netbsd kernel can write udf 2.5 disks/disk images, and for most
bugfixed code you need unreleased yet netbsd 10.

I extracted few utilites from netbsd tree (because 5gb of NetBSD sources
was too much for my puny tablet)


this one should create _populated_ image, just be sure to set both min and
max udf version to 2.5 and block size suitable for optical media. (2048)

Linux kernel even most latest git still stuck at 2.01 for writing (bdwrite
works by utilizing linux kernel udf write support)

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