[Cin] Proxy 1:1

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun Dec 18 09:52:04 CET 2022

Reading the OnLine Manual (2022-12-18) about Proxy,
I think that it is focused on Proxy 1:1 but it shouldn't be like that. 
Maybe it would be enough to replace 1:1 with 1:2 in some places.
 From my point of view, Scale Factor 1:1 (proxy 1:1) is a special case 
of Proxy and implemented for an user request (or two users) time ago.

When an user reads the Proxy chapter She/He should be quickly directed 
to its use and then explained how it works.

To help the user and simplify his choices, I think two main options 
should be indicate: with or without "Rescaled to project size (FFMPEG 
only)". Then the user chooses the Scale Factor. And, finally the File 
Three steps:
1. Checked or unchecked "Rescaled to Project size"
2. Set the Scale Factor
3. Set the File Format (default MPEG/MOV)
3.1 Set the Codec, bitrate,...

For old computer "Rescaled to Project size" = CHECKED is not 
recommended. On the other hand when "Rescaled to Project size" is 
UNCHECKED some Effects doesn't work as expected because they use pixel 
values instead of percentage values referred to the Project format. For 
example Perspective plugin works right because coordinates are referred 
to percentage values. Title and Blur plugin work using pixel values, so 
they won't work as you would expect.

Quote from Manual:
"The assets in both the Media folder and Proxy folder will look proxied 
when dragged to the Viewer although the scale may be different."
Mmh, this sentence is not right. When Proxy is enabled you MUST Drag and 
Drop from Proxy bin NOT from Media bin.

(Sorry for my bad English)


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