[Cin] Creating AppImage

mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Thu Feb 10 16:46:03 CET 2022

On Thu, 10 Feb 2022 09:35:48 +0700 (+07)
Georgy Salnikov <sge at nmr.nioch.nsc.ru> wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Feb 2022, mnieuw--- via Cin wrote:
> > 2. I cannot create a full AppImage on Mint 19.3 at the moment,
> > because the manual does not build there any more. I can build an
> > AppImage without the manual.  

I stand corrected. It works today?? On Mint 19.3, Mint 20.3 and
Fedora_35 I can build PDF and HTML version from latest git source.

> On the problems of converting the manual.
> 1) As the manual is absolutely architecture-independent, nothing is
> against building it under some most convenient platform (that, for
> example, where all the necessary latex/html tools are
> installed/configured) and then populating the resulting manual over
> all the other needed platforms.

Unless you want to build the complete AppImage inclusive the nice
built-in help. Then the manual needs to be built too.
> 2) Mat, could you notice, what particular problem prevented the
> compilation of the manual? What was changed?

In the "translate_manual" script, I selected the option for png images
for the HTML version.

On Fedora_35, the build goes fine but has one page more than the
January download from CinGG. I installed packages one by one until it
completed, because I wanted to know which packages are really needed.
I was thinking of making something like the "blds/bld_prepare.sh" script
in the CinGG source, which installs needed packages for the distro.
In any case for Fedora I had to install:
texlive texlive-subsitutefont texlive-mathdesign texlive-t2
texlive-multirow texlive-was texlive-wrapfig texlive-nomencl latex2html
and maybe texlive-tex4ht too (not sure).

No "error:" in the log, quite a few "warning:" . And the HTML front
page has some color indicating texts, like "CinBlue" just before "The"

On Mint 19.3, the PDF is only 701 pages instead of 728 on
Fedora (same source). I cannot remember which packages I installed,
likely I used "texlive-full", which pulls in far too much. This is not
available on Fedora.

No "error:" in the log, quite a few "warning:" , among which
Label 'sub:how_it_works:  multiply defined .

On Mint 20.3, the PDF is 730 pages. here I also installed texlive-full .

There is a difference in the messages in the terminal at the end of a
build (the html build).
Compared to Mint 20.3, on Mint 19.3, there are 4 extra lines like:
No number for "Infowindowswiththe"Detail"box"
plus some differences in the line of "Unknown commands:"

Compared to Mint 20.3, on Fedora_35 there are more differences, such as:
no implementation found for class 'memoir' 
which is strange because texlive-memoir is installed.


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