[Cin] Problems producing the manual

mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Sun Feb 20 21:50:04 CET 2022

I have problems producing the manual on some platforms.

Mint 20.3: PDF and HTML OK using translate_manual as-is from the git.

Mint 19.3: Both Ok except the large (and last) glossary entry about YUV
is missing. This appears to be a limit of "makeindex" on Mint 19.3; if
you reduces the total size of that entry to 971 characters it is OK.
What is worrying is that makeindex reports the same 2.15 version, yet it
behaves differently.

Fedora 35: Lots missing from the installation chapter in both PDF and
HTML versions. This is because Fedora's latex2html (version 2020.2,
2020-07-01) stumbles over the $ in a listing, like 2>&1 . On Mint 20.2
latex2html is version 2021 (2021-01-01). 
In addition, in translate_manual, I had to change -nouse_dvipng to
-use_dvipng. otherwise it has big problems converting images (and
texlive-pdfcrop is installed).

So at the moment, the only platform I can produces a complete AppImage
inclusive from online-help manual is Mint 20.3.

@Phyllis, the default translate_manual script line for the html says
that is what is used for producing the Cinelerra-GG website manual. Is
that indeed the case?


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