[Cin] Images sequence

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 15:16:57 CET 2022

I've tried to do a few renders with image sequences as output. The
render is successful; the index file and all the image-frames are

Render::render_single: Session finished.
** rendered 939 frames in 7.719 secs, 121.648 fps

I attach the index file. You can see that it is constructed well but
it does not contain the link to the various tiff images. So it is not
possible to load it in CinGG. I have this error message:

/home/paz/list/test%05d.tiff: Not a TIFF or MDI file, bad magic number
19785 (0x4d49).
virtual int FileTIFF::read_frame_header(char*):
Error while opening "/home/paz/list/test%05d.tiff" for reading.

I tried with various tiff settings and other profiles (png and DPX)
with the same result. If instead of ffmpeg I use the internal engine I
get the expected result: the file list is complete with links to the
various image-frames and the loading in CinGG is successful. Tried
with tiff, png and openexr.
Does it work for you to render image sequences with ffmpeg?

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