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> @Andrew
> > @Andrea, for some reason I can't download attaches from forum (because I
> have no login there?), can you add CMS.txt as attachment to email (again)?
> I'm opening a new email because color has nothing to do with the
> Vdpau/Vaapi issues.
> It was just an attempt to put together all the information on how
> CinGG treats color. Lately I found emails from Hermann Vosseler that
> are very indicative. However, the fact remains that each plugins of
> CinGG treats the color in its own way, so we should find a way to
> understand how all the native plugins act, one by one (if I'm not
> mistaken, the plugins of ffmpeg clip everything to 8-bit and sRGB).
> Only with this information can we reconstruct a chain of steps that
> accounts for color transformations and, perhaps, keep them under
> control.

In my case the flut3d plugin appears to use 32 bit float and the color
space should be in the LUT.

I don't see color issues with it. Some other plugins result in bad banding,
but I'm not sure I am using them correctly. More information about how
color is used would be helpful. I'm try to determine a workflow with 10 bit
f-log input and some version of 10 bit HDR output.



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