[Cin] Ligature rendering in the title effect

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 03:00:02 CET 2022

Stefan - thanks for the Title menu settings as that is what it took for me
to create the problem.
Andrea - thanks for confirming it so I knew I was not going crazy.

> Did I miss something else? I am using a laptop with a smaller screen that
> > is about 16 inches diagonally.
> ...
> Attached is my dialog and rendering (200%)

OK, *change the Size in the Title menu to 124 *or 126     but not 125, not
123, ...  you get the idea that it should be divisible by 2.
Hopefully, that works for you too as it did for me.

I think the problem is division where the remainder is dropped because you
just can not have 1/2 of a pixel from Cinelerra.  There is probably a
better explanation of something about 4 spaces for pixels but it is beyond
me.  Not sure if for some fonts, changing the code to not drop the
remainder is a good idea assuming that is the real problem -- what do you
think Andrew R ????

The SchoolschriftLG font does not even appear in the drop down list, while
> it is available for Inkscape.

It is possible that the Inkscape font library is local to Inkscape and not
in a system place that Cinelerra sees.  You can easily add fonts to CinGG
by copying the ttf file, schoolschriftlg.ttf, to {where Cinelerra
is|/bin/plugins/fonts and then run "ttmkfdir" in that directory which
creates a new fonts.scale file that includes schoolschriftlg.ttf.  But, of
course when you download a new version of Cinelerra, it will be gone.  So I
think you can probably add schoolschriftlg.ttf to /usr/lib/"something
wherever all other accessible fonts are".
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