[Cin] Keyframe Adjustments Not Seen in Render

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Jan 26 10:13:25 CET 2022

Thank you for the screenshots Mark. It is really strange.
What are your settings for Preferences, Format, Render?

I don't know the data (codec, pixel format, ...) about your footage but,
if you want to do a test, make a copy of your project using "Save as..." 
and in that "clone" try to change the parameters as below:
- Preferences...-> Apperance-> Color section
     YUV color space: BT709
     YUV color range: MPEG
- Format...-> Video section
     Color model: RGBA-8bit
- Render:
   File Format: FFMPEG | mp4
   Video Preset-->
     Compression: h264.mp4
     Bitrate: 0
     Quality: -1
     Pixels: yuv420p

Il 24/01/2022 12:02, Mark Goldberg via Cin ha scritto:
> You can see the changes to the curves in the three screenshots at 
> different points on the timeline. It is reflected in the compositor, 
> but not in the rendered output.

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