[Cin] Keyframe Adjustments Not Seen in Render

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Jan 27 09:46:57 CET 2022

I have done a test here using a video from
(direct link to 
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jcSp9JZR8eFKq9jTXNLbG5nFIjWhD8YJ ).
It is a 4k video H.265-10bit at 25fps.
I used F_log3d and Histogram Bezier plugins (four points in Polynominal 
mode on two keyframes) for the clips.
Because my Notebook is very old I must use Proxy. Rendering to H.264 and 
H.265 but NEVER _nvenc (I can not) with Proxy enabled, to save time and 
to see the output, and then the Final Render.
Here it seems all good. I think that the problem might be _nvenc.
All (almost) my Settings for that below (I don't know if it can help):
- File Source: P1000111.MP4
                hevc (H265) 3840x2160 @25.00 yuv420p10le

- Preferences:
   - Playback A TAB
     - Video Out section
         Play everyframe = unchecked
         Video Driver: X11
                       Use direct x11 render if possible = checked
   - Appearance TAB
     - Color section
         YUV color space: BT709
         YUV color range: MPEG

- Format:
   - Video section
       Frame rate: 25.00
       Width: 3840
       Height: 2160
       Color model: RGBA-8bit (also RGBA-FLOAT)

- Proxy:
   Scale factor: 1/8
   Rescaled to project size (FFMEG only) = unchecked
   File Format: FFMPEG | pro
   Video Preset
     Compression: prores_ks.pro
     Bitrate: 0
     Quality: -1
     Pixels: yuva444p10le

- Render #1:
   File Format: FFMPEG | mp4
   Video Preset
     Compression: h265.mp4
     Bitrate: 0
     Quality: -1
     Pixels: yuv420p

- Render #2:
   File Format: FFMPEG | mp4
   Video Preset
     Compression: h264.mp4
     Bitrate: 0
     Quality: -1
     Pixels: yuv420p

Il 26/01/2022 10:31, Mark Goldberg ha scritto:
> The footage is 10 bit F-log 4k60 H.265. Color model is RGBA-Float.  
> I'm rendering to H.265 yuv420p h265_nvenc.mp4 to play on non HDR 
> systems. Card is Nvidia GTX1050.
> I can try different render formats.

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