[Cin] Editing 4K content targetting 1080p output

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sat Jan 29 14:34:50 CET 2022


In my curious "document everything you don't understand in 
Cinelerra"-adventure. I have now content that is shot in 4K. For speed 
purposes I am (usually) successfully using the proxy functionality. The 
proxy is configured to 1/3 of the size (640x360).

Problem 1;

With the proxy *enabled* I drag a video in the timeline.

Since my target format is 1080p I reduce the size of the camera on the 
video track to Z=0.170 to see the full frame (using the proxy). But when I 
disable the proxy, the Z value should be set to 0.500 to fill the frame.

If I would instead *disable* the proxy, drag a video in the timeline. Set 
the Z value to 0.500, I am able to start the proxy and get the desired 
effect that I want: both proxied video and original video are of the same 
size in the compositor.

Problem 2;

When the proxy is disabled, the viewer shows the clip in the original 
resolution. I think this is expected. Now when I enable proxy editing, and 
then open the same clip in the viewer, the resolution is scaled (zoomed 
in). It feels like this is all related to the output resolution being 
1080p, scaling is applied to the proxy, and the meta data is not used 


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