[Cin] vp9 high bit depth, vp9 lossless profile

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 00:02:27 CET 2022

Checked vp9 related patches into GIT.

so I  played around with vp9 enciding a bit more.
> apoarently there is vp9 lossless mode, and additionally libvpx can support
> high bit depth if configured so.
Tested on my laptop and the lossless file is, as expected, 15 times larger
but looks better.  Thank you Andrew.
Will compiling with vp9 multibit affect any loading or rendering of
vp8/vp9?  I will try to check this and test it too.

> I also tried to remove (currently unused?) libavdevice build from ffmpeg,
> and fix termux breakage (libandroid-shmem lib was missing)
This I did not check in yet because my early morning tests were flawed -- I
only had the configure.ac patch portion in and not the thirdparty/Makefile
patch because I was testing the vp9 multibit.  So I have to start over with
that and right now am at least compiling on Debian 9.1 32-bit just to make
sure it compiles.

> try attached patches and check if vdpau/vaapi still works?
Got to redo my tests.  I am concerned about potential impact, not to
vdpau/vaapi, but rather to v4linux2 and alsa and captures from devices.
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