[Cin] vp9 high bit depth, vp9 lossless profile

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 02:10:43 CET 2022

Andrew, still testing this below:

> I also tried to remove (currently unused?) libavdevice build from ffmpeg,
> and fix termux breakage (libandroid-shmem lib was missing)
vaapi and vdpau seem to be working correctly
bluray and dvd working good
TV record working but I am having trouble with audio on playback for
another reason that I have to analyze yet
screencapture from the web works well
have not yet tested the following because have to get the equipment ready
and figure out how to do this based on instructions at:


> try attached patches and check if vdpau/vaapi still works?
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