[Cin] digging in archives

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 19:43:00 CET 2022

I have just finished looking the the url below.

"Added cinelerra tool that helps to customize theme."
> from year 2014..
> https://github.com/cinelerra-cv-team/cincv-exp-akirad-paolo/commit/f9f821c25a93a71d01363c1975a82ccc4cb3d70d
> i do not think we have this, do we?

Yes, spot checking the svg files leads to the fact that they seem to be all
current in the themes such as in:

> ./plugins/theme_pinklady/data/setformat_bg.svg
> ./plugins/theme_pinklady/data/clip_icon.svg
> ./plugins/theme_pinklady/data/Source/setformat_bg.svg
> ./plugins/theme_pinklady/data/Source/cut.svg
> ./plugins/theme_pinklady/data/Source/label_checkedhi.svg

In looking at the .sh, .txt, .c, and .png files in that archive, they are
either irrelevant or in the case of spot check of .png, already exist in
the plugins/theme... directories.

As far as Andrea's suggestion, I have already downloaded and tested 32 of
the 34 shape wipes, none of which we already have, and am going to make a
tgz file out of them and update the manual.  As long as there are no
objections?  I think this is what Andrea meant. (In case you are wondering
about the 2 that I am not including, it is the 2 BAR-womaxx ones).
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