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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 20:10:02 CET 2022

With the checkin to GIT of Georgy's fix in Bug Tracker #608, both of the
problems reported by Pierre below are now no longer problems and will be in
the updated AppImage release on March 31 !!

Great addition to Cinelerra but two problems...
> On my keyboard, the two Alt keys are separated from each other by 6.5"
> (16.5 cm). It is almost impossible for me to reach both keys at the same
> time with the fingers of one hand (so that the second hand can operate a
> shuttle button)
Now you only have to press the one Alt key simultaneously with the Shuttle
button. (The 6.5" was really 8.5" so even worse).

> The process works sometimes and sometimes not.
Now it should work all of the time as explained in the BT.

> Pierre
> Le 21-05-10 à 12 h 43, Georgy Salnikov via Cin a écrit :
> > 4) In Shuttle_key_default_arrange.html - "This page can be quickly
> requested
> > from CGG by pressing both Alt keys (left and right) on keyboard followed
> by
> > pressing any button on the Shuttle".
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