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Fri Mar 25 23:50:04 CET 2022

On Friday, March 25, 2022, M Nieuwenhoven via Cin <
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> Attached is a 7z file that allows CinelerraGG in AppImage format to be
> built on aarch64, as well as x86 64 and 32 bit.
> Ir replaces linuxdeploy which was used since we switched to AppImage
> format a year ago, but that is not available for non-x86 platforms.
> The new tool called makeappimage (800k) is built automatically when
> needed, and is a stripped-down version of linuxdeploy: its plugin-system
> has been removed, and the built system switched to the much simpler
> autotools (like CinGG itself). It is put in a new CinGG subdirectory calls
> tools (but for now this is the only tool :-) ).
> To install, place the .7z file in the cinelerra5/cinelerra directory, and
> do "7z x bld_own_appimage.7z " . To use it, use the included
> ./bld_own_appimgage.sh . Name of the script should be changed in the future
> to "bld_appimage.sh" if OK for all.
> Make sure the appimagetool for the platform is in your path, see the note
> in bld_own_appimage.sh .
> The script also changes the configure script options depending on the
> hardware it is running on. @Andrew_R, does it need extra things for termux?

I hope everything termux-specific lives in blds/bld_termux.sh

only small thing I noticed in script - arm8 also can run in 32-bit mode,
like my tablet - so may be condition for arm7l can be && with arm8l too?

I need to remove few unused default  preinstalled (huge!) apps from this
tablet, hopefully linux tools will do that too (only tried extracting dirs
back in September)

> MatN
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