[Cin] building on freebsd 13.0 amd64

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 22:03:44 CEST 2022

Because I have nothing better to do this evening I tried to build cingg
(current git) on Freebsd-13.0 amd64.

I used provided virtual image (qcow2)

unxz it (resulted file was a little more than 5gb)

then I copied image as 5gb_ufs and attached first image as hda and second
as hdb

inside pre-instalked system I log in as root (no passwd), then instalked

pkg install mc
pkg install git

then it run low on disk space
I killed  whole /usr/lib/debug dir, few docs in /usr/local/share/doc

then i tried pkg install xorg, it mostly installed, but with llvm13!

i killed some *. a files from this llvm13 install and then killed
/var/cache for packaging system manually (so install stopped complaining
about negative space - guess some xorg pkgs stayed there due to low hdd

installed gmake

next I created  new filesystem (newfs /dev/ada1p4) on second hdd, mounted
it to /mnt
git cloned cingg

patched it with bsd.patch

and run blds/bsd. bld.
it promptly complined about unability to run

ln - s /usr/local/bin/bash /bin/bash

fixed this.

next I run into issue where number of clang jobs was too high for 2gb ram
vm. so I added - gwith-jobs=4 argument to configure

next i run into all kind of missing libs but pkg search + pkg install fixed
most of this.

next I run into openexr3 incompatibility, so disabled openexr via configure

my exportedl.C also needed minor patching due to basename requiring
different include on freebsd (will try to get it out of vm soon)

next filegif refused to compile too, so I disabled gifquantize function
(not in giflib after 5.1.9)

but then cin tried to start and complained about ffmpeg filters and died.
guess withffmpeg3 define is harmful for current ffmpeg 4.4...

more work needed, but my physical laptop also running l8w on ram right now
(6gb phys ram, but already compiled cingg on tmpfs)

will try to recover and update
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