[Cin] March end of month new releases now available

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 22:44:49 CEST 2022

Find the latest 6 AppImages on the website at:
Unfortunately, I did not get an aarch64 AppImage built (yet).
In addition user generated Freebsd CinGG tars are at:
   (or cin-freebsd-12.3.tar.xz)

*************  Release Note changes from 03/01/2022-03/312022
*Context Help *(alt-h) has been changed in 2 areas by Georgy, the original
author. A problem in help for
  the *shuttle* due to handling of alt in other shortcuts was fixed and
getting Context Help is now easier
  by using 1 alt key and 1 shuttle button simultaneously. In addition,
customization for Context Help
  can be done by the user with changes to ContextManual.pl in .bcast5 for a
different browser, etc.

A patch to fix Debian 11.0 32-bit and Aarch64 for the upgrade of the *Tiff
library to 4.3.0* has been
  checked by MatN and Andrew as provided by Andrew.

Problem with *DPX and jp2 ffmpeg renders* has been fixed by adding matching
dfl files.

Additional *lossless render format for vp9 *has been added under
ffmpeg/webm by compiling libvpx
  with multibit capability as implemented by Andrew.

To facilitate building CinGG for Termux/Android, libavdevice has been
removed from the ffmpeg
  compile as currently being unused as implemented by Andrew and capture
tested by Phyllis.

The dvd render format has had cin_bitrate added so it runs with less blocky
encode (by Andrew).

A new build procedure, *bld_appimage.sh*, is now available which includes a
total rework of
 linuxdeploy needed for creating AppImages for aarch64 and armhf, as well
as i686 and x86-64. The
 currently available linuxdeploy did not cover these 2 cases. *Credit goes
to MatN for this big effort.*

Minor changes to build scripts include configure.ac and bld_prepare.sh as
submitted by MatN.

*BSD 13, as well as 12.3*, has had CinGG compiled and a txz file ready to
be used is available for
 download, but no robust testing has been don e so if you find issues,
please report them.
*This was another big effort from Andrew.*
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