[Cin] Test alpha channel and reroute plugin (from Igor Vladimirsky's blog)

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Mon Sep 26 15:46:47 CEST 2022

пн, 26 сент. 2022 г., 16:30 Andrea paz via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>:

> I open a new post to better recall the subject; the discussion in the
> post "CinGG's Youtube channel" is off topic.
> I tried to repeat Igor Valdimirsky's tutorial; maybe I did something
> wrong but my result is not good. Already with the default overlay
> (Normal) the result is not exactly the same as in the tutorial. For
> example, the outline of the letters is all white while in the tutorial
> there are plays of light and shadows that make it three-dimensional.
> But the worst comes when I set the center track to "Multiply": a
> completely wrong color comes out!

Thanks for testing!

be sure that for this test you use rgba-8 or rgba-float project. But I have
growing suspection we really do some calculations differently, may be in
more widespread/standard way but not like original Cin worked.

Can you try CinCV or CinHV too?

See video:
> https://streamable.com/a7viox
> One difference is that I used a video source (h264, mov) and not a
> still image as in the tutorial, but I don't think it makes any
> difference.
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