[Cin] "CinGG Summer of Code" Ernest Ibarra disappointment/failure

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 00:28:08 CEST 2023

 Last summer I put out an ad for a 10 week CinGG summer of code with the
title of "Linux / C++ beginner / student" with an enticement of $400 each
week for compiling, execution of well outlined steps, and make mods to the
"burn" plugin to just add the gui variables.  I thought someone might like
the challenge and could put in a few hours each week (before and after
"aging" plugin gui mods would serve as a guideline).

Response from Ernest Ibarra was "he was interested" and had a "Mac Pro with
Ubuntu and also had 3 years of C++ knowledge". Pointed him to the Manual on
how to build CinGG and he sent me a screenshot showing a built version.  So
I assumed he was able to do a build which would mean he had to have done a

Ibarra was paid $400 a week for 4 weeks just to experiment with coding but
by the end of the 4th week he reported "having a really hard time
compiling" just the plugin.  I suggested he do a full compile with his
modifications in (since supposedly he had compiled the whole program at
least once, right?).

Ernest Ibarra stopped replying to my emails after 4 weeks of PayPal
payments by June 28th. Finally on July 19th, after receiving another 2
weeks (total $2400) I asked Ibarra to send me the code that he could not
get to compile so I could compile it myself but never heard back.  BIG
DISAPPOINTMENT -- should not 3 years of C++ be enough for a competent
programmer to work on a very small part of Cinelerra? So I am closing BT
#62 as being a HUGE FAILURE -- at least with Ernest Ibarra.
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