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> A video from last year, discussing the state of editing in Linux.
> There is no mention of CinGG. It is mentioned in a commentary, but
> they immediately reply that it is unusable because of the audio tracks
> being separate from the video tracks and the Title plugin not being up
> to par.
> Other notable shortcomings of the video are Krita (which has better
> color support than Gimp), Blender, Natron and especially the
> magnificent Inkscape (for titles and high-quality graphics).

Thanks! Video is relatively short (10 min) so covering more packages (and
details of workflows!) probably was  impossible to fit.

I tend to agree professionals often locked into proprietary "ecosystem" and
this makes them (or even us, indirectly) captive audience!

Underlaying system also sure suffer from video apparently being a bit of
second class citizen compared to games and some CAD software ...




still needed on free (and nearly libre ..modulo video firmware!) AMD
drivers to get OpenCL<->OpenGL interoperability.

There are also another fixes not yet merged, like


but hopefully they will be merged sooner ....

And on my low-end nouveau card nouveau  driver asserts on "interlaced" if I
try to use mpv's vaapi output, and vdpau support a bit of flake on seeking
even when it works (depend on kernel and mesa version).

Those are interesting cases to scratch my head in search of "why it broken"
but sadly without any victorious outcome....

PS: not yet read comments on video, hopefully some misconceptions like
"kdenvlive can't use encode hw acceleration" will be (or were) cleared up.

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