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...I also attach my txt file so we can integrate

> it. In the file I propose a draft for a new section of the manual
> where I put some std features of NLEs compared to how they work in
> CinGG. I am not an expert on other NLEs so I ask everyone to correct,
> add and improve the points I have written.
Andrea, I plan to see if I can add to your workflow.txt.  Meanwhile I have
started to come up with a listing of ways to duplicate the capabilities of
other NLEs that are not obvious in CinGG.  It is attached, but I could not
figure out a way to make it easy to peruse.
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Ways to duplicate aspects of other NLEs

There are some alternative methodologies to duplicate the capabilities of other NLEs described
here that may make your usage of CinGG more attuned to your expectations.

Difference: separate tracks for Video and Audio that, if not diligent, could get out of sync.
The way this works with CinGG is that video and audio tracks are individually managed rather
than automatically edited as a ganged group.

Solution: use Gang mode so that tracks are automatically edited as a single unit. You have a choice of
Gang Channels for usage like Digital Audio Workstation software or Gang Media which only shows the Master
Tracks of the media but changes are propagated to the appropriate other related tracks (even if they
are not visible).  For extensive details see \nameref{sub:displaying_tracks_ganged}.

Difference: a particular font that you like is not in the list for usage on your video (in the Title plugin).

Solution: there are multiple ways to get the exact font you need with the easiest being to simply add an
environment variable with explicit location of the desired font before you start up CinGG as shown here -
  export BC_FONT_PATH=<colon-separated-search-path-for-fonts>
Other solutions are described in the Titler plugin \nameref{sub:title} in the paragraph "Font Addition / 
 Font Subtraction".

Difference: missing 3D text to add to Video.

Solution: use "Drop Shadow" and "Outline" options in the Title plugin. Or download free 3D fonts from the 
internet and add as explained in previous Difference/Solution.

Difference: using 4 individual main windows can be awkward when switching to other programs.

Solution: some users prefer to have a single main windowed group to more easily minimize/maximize
the 4 main windows as a single entity when switching to another program temporarily.  You can
do so by utilizing the xdotool (available for download) which gives you the ability to focus windows
as a group. How to do this is outlined in \nameref{sec:focus_group}.

Difference: windows are not located where some users expect or prefer them to be.

Solution: besides moving the windows where you want them to be initially, once you establish them in
your preferred location, the next time you start CinGG, they will be in the same place where you left
them.  In addition, you can setup and save 4 placement layout variations to bring up later for each
specific scenario you are working on. Use the Window pulldown and Save layout option to set up and
later Use layout to have that layout go into effect.  See \nameref{sub:window_layouts}

Difference: audio waveform is not displayed on the timeline in user's preference of a "Rectify" waveform as in some other NLE.

Solution: although CinGG audio is displayed as a standard waveform, you can change the default setting to a
Rectify waveform in the Flags section of the Settings pulldown, option Preferences, Appearance tab,
Check the box which says "Timeline Rectify Audio".

Difference: the user would like different keys or shortcuts to have different purposes.

Solution: currently there is no solution to doing this due to CinGG having been initially written around the year 2000
when both the hardware and software were not as flexible or fast as today.  However, with the use of the Shuttle
hardware, the user can at least define different timeline operations associated with different keypresses.

Difference: the Render operation sometimes seems slower then on another NLE.
- use render farm on your single multi-cpu computer

Difference: lack of Motion graphics that some NLEs have.

Solution: with CinGG, there are some basic motion graphics capabilities.  You can use the Sketcher plugin to create
elements such as ellipses, rectangles and shapes for simple motion graphics.

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