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Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Aug 30 10:00:12 CEST 2023

@Andrea_paz about Mirror plugin.
I read your text about the Mirror plugin, but I think there is a 
Mainly in the Mirror effect there are 2 cases: CHECKED or UNCHECKED the 
"Enable Reflection Center" option.

1. When the "Enable Reflection Center" option is UNCHECKED, the used 
reflection is on the center of the frame (i.e. X=50%, Y=50%) and the 
options about "Reflection Center", X% and Y%, are disabled (grayed).
The "Swap LEFT-RIGHT side" is for the Horizontal direction, the "Swap 
TOP-BOTTOM side" is for the Vertical direction.
There are special combinations when both Horizontal and Vertical 
checkboxes are enabled (and "Enable Reflection Center" is always 
UNchecked, of course). You can see those in my 
"Cin_MirrorPlugin_AllTheCases_A4-size.png" added.
And for testing purpose in Cinelerra-GG you can use 
"Shape_circle-square-triangle-x_1920x1080.png" image.

2. When the "Enable Reflection Center" option is CHECKED the options 
about "Reflection Center", i.e. X% and Y%, are enabled, and the two 
"Swap ... side" options disabled and hidden. These two "Swap" are 
disabled because the X% and Y% run the swap side automatically. The X% 
and Y% positions move the center of the reflection to fit to the User's 
I added a demo video (see the link below) about "Enable Reflection 
Center"=checked. The demo want to show an example to ce=reate a fake 
"mirror on the water".
Cin_Mirror-plugin_test.ogv -->  https://files.fm/u/zh4takhk8

I hope it is more clear.


Il 29/08/2023 14:45, Andrea paz via Cin ha scritto:
> Good plugin; thanks.
> I append manual plugins.tex, image and mirror.txt, for those who want
> to read the description but don't have latex. Please propose
> corrections and improvements, thank you.
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