[Cin] SVT-AV1 works on i586, but slowly.

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 01:24:26 CET 2023

Den 14.12.2023 01:03, skrev Andrew Randrianasulu:
> Installed SVT-AV1 1.5.0 from Slackbuilds on my Slackware 15.0 i586
> it works, but at around 0.8 fps for 720p video
> ffmpeg -i MLP_animation_sleepsong_IeIDCNS-VUw.webm -s 1280x720  -an -f 
> yuv4mpegpipe   - | SvtAv1EncApp -i - -b mlp.ivf --passes 1 --rc 1 
> --tbr 1000
> after looking at code I see all asm there is 64bit :)
> this explains why it is much faster on x86_64.
> Anyway, even 0.8 fps is ok for short (few mins) clips, I guess.

I did also notice:

/The encoder supports a wide range of speed-efficiency tradeoffs and 
scales fairly well across many CPU cores. /

/Since SVT-AV1 is designed to scale well across cores/processors, fast 
encoding is best performed on machines with a sufficient number of threads./

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